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Volvo App v5.25.0 (Mar 23 on Google Play) - worth updating?

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Have a MY19T8 with Sensus. Read the latest update's reviews on Google Play and not getting positive warm fuzzies. Everything's ok now (v5.24.0), but the hybrid battery state and estimated completion time during charging are still incorrect since v5.18.

For those who have installed (particularly on Sensus), what's your observations and opinion, update or don't bother?
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I've been on 5.25, didn't notice anything different.
Well, the electric miles rewards disappeared a while back, and this update brought it back. But it doesn't seem to work anyway...
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I've driven and charged 5 times so far this month.

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Doesn't work. Says tap "Volvo ready to come in case of an emergency gadgets" in directions. No such choice exists in the vehicle. Alter: Months after the fact this application actually doesn't work. The data on the application doesn't match the status in vehicle. Endlessly charge status are different once you get into vehicle. Entryway lock/open doesn't work. Environment controls don't work. This application ought to be taken out from the store. Pointless application and misuse of everybody's time.
How about some details on which car you actually have? Year? Sensus/AAOS?
Oh wait, NVM, SPAM links embedded in message with fake URLs... (I reported)
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