Volvo said late last month that it would be getting rid of single-use plastics at all of its offices, cafeterias, and marketing events. Now the automaker is putting more recycled plastics into cars.

The company said this week that from 2025, at least 25 percent of plastics used in every new Volvo launched would be made from recycled materials.

To do that, Volvo Cars has urged industry suppliers to work more closely with all automakers to make next-generation components that are more sustainable. To show off the plan, Volvo has unveiled a special XC60 T8 that looks just like the regular model, but has lots of recycled plastics. Like a center tunnel made from renewable fibers and discarded fishing nets. The carpet is from plastic bottles and recycled cotton. The seats use plastic bottle fibres too.

“We already work with some great, forward-thinking suppliers when it comes to sustainability,” said Martina Buchhauser, Senior Vice President of Global Procurement at Volvo Cars. “However, we do need increased availability of recycled plastics if we are to make our ambition a reality. That is why we call on even more suppliers and new partners to join us in investing in recycled plastics and to help us realise our ambition.”

The automaker is also aiming to have climate neutral manufacturing by 2025. Their engine plant in Skövde was the first to achieve that goal earlier this year.