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Ok, I've been kicking the idea around about swapping some NA cams into my T-5R. Done a lot of poking around and still have a few questions because things are not crystal clear.

I contacted my local Volvo shop and they told me that the PN on the '93 850 crossed through all of the 850 NA years so he believed that Volvo sells the same cams for the '93 to people that own '97 850's. That makes me believe that all of the NA cams are the same, or at least they now are in Volvo's eyes. They also informed me that I could NOT purchase them from Volvo, they no longer sold them.

Anywho, I picked up a pair of NA cams from a '95 850 that was in the jy today. I left the sprockets on them and walked out the door with them for about $35. The jy was having a 1/2 off sale for people that has their membership card. The intake cam PN: 9146232.PLI; the exhaust cam PN: 3547905.PFE.

Now for the test questions... I have read that some people just install the intake cam. Not really sure why, that would create a situation where you have mitch match cams. So I'll install both of them. Here are my questions:

1. I read that the timing needs to be adjusted advanced/retarded on the intake and exhaust cams. If I leave the cam sprockets on from the NA car, do I still need to adjust timing?

2. When timing is adjusted, which way is advanced and which way is retard? Clockwise adjanced?

3. The timing belt cover on the motor, over the intake cam, has knotches on it, are those used to adjust timing?

4. If I install a timing belt and the marks are aligned with the cover, assuming that the cam sprockets have never been adjusted or loosened, is that considered the baseline and you adjust +/- 2* to 4* from there?

5. How much adjustment should I make to get the benifit of the NA cams?

Once I learn which direction is + and which is -, I plan to make some kind of compass plate that I will screw on the back of the cam. It will have a hole in the middle and marks with degrees on it. The marks will likely face the front of the motor and the plate (plastic or some other stiff material) will face the front of the motor. Then I'll put a tool through the hole, loosen the bolts on the cam sprocket and adjust the timing on the cam. Maybe I'll make the custom compass out of a cd disk and use a protractor or my compass torque tool (that I use to torque head bolts) to make the markings. All I really need is a few marks and lines for each degree. No more than 90* of marks (not even that many if I use a rachet wrench).

If there is a better way please let me know. When I pull the cam cover I usually DO NOT use any tool to hold the cams or keep them aligned. I usually just align them with the cover set in the head.

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When I did my swap I used cams from a 96 NA. I left the sprockets on AS IS! any cam timing assumes the orignal cam timing is correct and if you swap them you run the risk of moving them slightly.

I used the ARD site to decide how much I needed to move the cams...

I'm not really sure what yours need to be set at because it all depends on the Mods and tune..

As for adjusting the timing... we used this...

Tech used his which actualy had + and - marked on it so it was easy to know which way to go.

I ran my car with the NA cams set correctly at TDC for about a month before I got my tune and had a chance for Tech to adjust my timing, so your not going to hurt anything running them as is for now.

and yes the notches in the cover are the marks to set it at.
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