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Hey guys... I'm still cleaning out all my old 850 stuff. Here's a collection of spare parts that I think every 850 owner could use. Many of these I collected from working on my own car, visiting the salvage yards, or ordered online and never used them.

I am offering them all up AS A LOT - please don't ask me to seperate them, I just want to send this all off as a complete lot to someone who loves their 850.

$125 (includes shipping)

I WILL THROW IN... the complete kit for rebuilding your fuel-injectors (or if you're like me, my thinking was to grab some from a salvage yard and rebuild those, then replace mine... I just never got around to it)... complete set for all 5 (and I also have the injector seals that go on top of it... included in the set below)

LIST OF PARTS INCLUDE (but not limited to)....

1 K&N cone air-filter with custom-made tube that will attach to your 850's non-turbo air-intake w/ the mass air-flow sensor attached... instant "cold-air" intake modification

1 Manual climate control panel +1 extra knob (OEM, large knob missing the internal silver piece)

2 extra mass air flow sensors (OEM, tested, fully operational)... that's 3 total MAF's in the set

1 large + 1 small odometer gears (new, OEM)

1 window wiper interval relay (OEM)

3 different dash-alarm connectors w/ LEDs, +1 just to fill the space (no LED, just flat black plastic that fills the hole)... (all OEM)

2 front tweeters + 1 rear speaker (OEM)

1 throttle position sensor (OEM)

1 vacuum hose tree (OEM, new)

2 trip computers + 1 display with temp/clock-only + 1 INFO swtich (all OEM)

5 fuel injector seals (OEM, new)

4 wheel caps (painted black) for wheels with center Volvo caps (OEM, painted)

1 airbox thermostat (OEM, tested, operational)

4 spare lugnuts (OEM)

4 spare headlamp bulbs (mixed Sylvania and GE, but I believe 2 are high-beam, 2 are low-beam)

1 metal flame-trap (OEM, new)

1 oil dip-stick o-ring (OEM, new)

1 oil drain-plug washer (OEM, new)

2 covers for the fuel-pump/rear shocks-area (OEM, not sure exactly where they are to)

1 random wiring harness (OEM, not sure where it's from, but I must have kept it for a reason)

Lot of interior clips.... includes half-used FCP set for the rear door interior (includes 12-15 un-used metal pieces) + 1 yellow clip for headliner + full set of 2-piece clips for front grill + 10 grey clips + 8 black clips + 6 2-piece black plastic clips for trim molding + hooks and covers for interior headliner holes and what not.

Lot of bulbs.... rear light cover and bulb + instrument cluster bulbs + shifter bulbs + bulbs for vanity mirrors + glovebox bulbs + all types of bulbs

Plus other random parts... window weather-striping, plastic molding parts, some plastic valve-thing, some random metal clips for the hoses in the engine-bay, the plastic cover that goes under the rear seatbelts with the lock that pops up when the seat is folded down, and there's even a couple parts that are in baggies that have part numbers, but I have no idea what they are to (but I know they are for the 850).

Some of the bulbs might be burned-out, some of the parts might be from a wagon, or sedan, turbo, or N/A, or from the myriad of years... but they are spare parts that you'll likely need one day. If you plan on keeping your Volvo 850... this is a GREAT SET for you.

(Note: the picture with the baggie full of o-rings and things... that's the injector rebuild kit)


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$80?? Shipping included!

All of it... the K&N filter, the trip computers, all the little snaps and clips and extra pieces?

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SOLD. Thanks guys. Sorry I didn't respond sooner... this thing was supposed to e-mail me, but I guess I failed on that setting.
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