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volvo 850 items for sale

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Authentic Volvo factory Lapel pins in several different styles : (1) 850 racing ...silver with black, red and white, (2) BTCC racing 850 '95 , silver with blue, black, white and red, (3) BTCC racing 850 '96 blue, black, white , silver, (4) 850 racing, black, white, blue, silver, ....#2,3,4 include the car ...#1 does not...also available is matching tie bar to #1...and stunning multi-color enamel 850 racing keyring with car on it......pins are $3 each, any two for $5 three for $7...$2 for each additional...matching tiebar is $3 ... keyring is $6 ...add $1 per order for postage...any questions please feel free to email :[email protected], Howie

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what i have available are the items described and pictured above which as far as i know are the items available from Volvo for those years...if you have any interest in any of them you can email me at [email protected] i have a few left of each item pictured plus some extra of the keyring which i think is somewhat distinctive and unique...thanks, Howie
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