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Volvo 242 Turbo Type-R!

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Have you guys ever seen this 242 Turbo? I am sure that some of you have. What ever happened to Gabo, I have been looking for his webpage for like a year or so.
I remember reading his posts on the Brickboard about 2 years ago, but he seems to have vanished. Cool kid, his posts sure were always interesting and entertaining to read. Like it or not, he did do everything himself on the car, with the lots of enthusiasm.
I guess ever since he blew his engine and had the wreck, I havn't heard much from him.

Gabo's 242 Turbo Homepage!


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I think I started reading/posting at the brickboard RWD forum just before he left. The deal was that he blew up the auto trans in his 242T, then attempted a manual trans swap. There were a bunch of problems, like drive shaft alignment and the trans wasn't working right. Plus he could only get to 15mph in 1st gear because of the short rear end gearing. Then he blew the motor shortly after the swap and got rid of the car.

He posted something at the RWD forum about a year ago, just to say hi, but he's not into Volvos anymore.

BTW, check out this car on ebay. 244 Diesel...with a Chevy 350!

Item # 599159060
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