I'm selling a set of 22" (22 inch) Volvo wheels with Continental DWS06 275/45 R22 tires.
It's meant to fit the XC60 of course, but I have it for my XC90 using spacers.
I've used it for 2 years with less than 12k on this. I sold my car and bought something else.

Wheels are in flawless condition, without scratches, dents, gouges. I don't have pictures of all the wheels at the time, but can attest/guarantee that they are not damaged.
Wheel specs 22x9 ET 43 18lbs
Tires are Continental Extreme Contact DWS0 All Seasons. It's in excellent shape. No damages, nor fixes done to it.
Size 274/45 R22. Fits superbly well, and with a slight fender liner rubbing at max turn.

If you want to buy just the wheels, or just the tires, let me know.

Price is negotiable