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Hi all
I have been experimenting with getting just the right primary and secondary gas and air jets to the single weber carb in my 71 140 with earlier B18 motor....I have lots of old webers mostly form old fiat 124s, and pulled out jets from them all and so have many different sizes to try but haven't been satisfied with the carb response and how it sounds and revs so far....any suggesistions for ball park idea on what are best primary and secondary jets?

Also very loud clunk sound from rear of car upon sudden acceleration or suddenly pulling back on gas and especially if the car is compression started, it sounds like rear axle is thumping itself onto body and rear axle assembly is really loose but I don't know for sure and am worried that it might be the insides of the differential itself, maybe bearings or gears worn out....I don't know maybe someone else has had an experience like this?
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