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For those of us who are lucky enough, who have VOC, I learned something that I thought I would share.

At least for the MY16 XC90s, many owners had to pay for a VOC subscription. For the few of us that subscribed for the full five years (including the first 6-months free), a funny thing has been happening on the four-year anniversary (in-service VOC subscription date).

After four years, I (and others) had our Volvos present a message that the VOC subscription had expired. Also, the VOC app on your phone would not work either - not starting your car, locking/unlocking it, et al.

Wait a minute...I subscribed for five years. What's up?

The VOC button in the car is programmed to expire after four years - even though you have a longer (five-year) subscription. The solution is to simply call Volvo Customer Care with your VIN and have your car handy. They will walk through giving you a code that re-enables the VOC button. You will then want to call using the VOC button until it rings and is answered (but no need to talk to anyone). You perform this while you have the Volvo Care rep still on the phone. Once the VOC call connects, then you may hang on and it will confirm that the VOC button and the VOC app now work once again.

This information may only apply to a few of us as the MY16s are turning or have turned four years old. In future years, you may run across this too. You may only need to call Volvo Customer Care for a re-set rather than go to the dealer.
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