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PARIS, France-- Visteon Corporation announced today they will supply a state-of-the-art entertainment system for the new Volvo S80 Executive.

The Visteon entertainment system includes a new first-to-market feature, making its public debut today at Equip Auto 2001 in Paris, France: the miniature DVD Player that integrates fully into existing Visteon Rear Seat Entertainment equipment. This product is the first of its kind to be integrated into any production vehicle system, which meets required automotive specifications. This system will be available to consumers through authorized Volvo dealerships selling the 2002 Volvo S80 Executive worldwide.

"As consumer interest for in-vehicle entertainment continues to increase," said Erik Lundtoft, General Manager for Visteon's European Aftermarket operations, "Visteon recognizes the need for the migration of consumer electronics from the home environment into the automotive industry. Visteon is pioneering the evolution of bringing home entertainment to the vehicle."

"This is an exciting milestone for Visteon," said Huw Davies, Visteon's Premier Automotive Group Customer Business Unit Director in Europe. "Visteon is looking ahead to deliver state-of-the-art products and systems integration solutions to a wide range of product applications around the world. We look forward to providing Volvo Car Corporation with leading-edge technology on this application, as well as other exciting future products."

Visteon will supply the product hardware, systems integration expertise and will develop the necessary installation guidelines. Visteon's DVD Rear Seat Entertainment System includes two 7-inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screens, which are fully integrated into the back of the front headrests, and are independently operated. Media sources for the system are the Miniature Automotive DVD Player, which is integrated into the center console, the TV Tuner and an Auxiliary input panel. This minimizes cabin space intrusion, providing consumers the option of choosing from the latest in-vehicle entertainment technology.

The user can choose between receiving sound through the rear speakers, or through the wireless infrared headphones. The system and media are fully monitored through the remote control for maximized user-friendliness. The system also is upgradeable for future technologies offered in the Visteon Rear Seat Entertainment family of products.

In addition, the auxiliary input has been conveniently integrated into the rear seat armrest, allowing convenient connections to most media players and game systems including Nintendo 64(R) and Sony PlayStation(R). This entertainment system marks the expansion of Visteon's existing product line currently being offered through Visteon's Aftermarket global distribution channels.

Visteon Corporation is a leading full-service supplier that delivers consumer-driven technology solutions to automotive manufacturers worldwide and through multiple channels within the global automotive aftermarket. Visteon has about 80,000 employees and a global delivery system of more than 160 technical, manufacturing, sales and service facilities located in 25 countries.

SOURCE: Visteon Corporation
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