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Visor Garage door Opener

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I cant find any instruction to program the visor garage door opener on my 07 xc90. Any help will be appreciated

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Re: Visor Garage door Opener (Swedeme)

I think you just hold the remote up to the visor and then press the number and hold for a few seconds.
It was something like that, I tried it a few years back when I had a garage, but it would not work with the european remote.
Re: Visor Garage door Opener (Swedeme)

Try here. Pretty good explanation. Or scroll down a few posts to the one by pinstripe with titile Picked up a uesd xc90, a few questions.


Should be instructions in the owners manual under Homelink.
Re: Visor Garage door Opener (aintsheswede)

check "homelink" on-line. that is where i got the instructions. very clear and straight forward once you follow the instructions.
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