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This is just for the V90 platform for now. And I'll edit as more is understood.

Position 1-3: Country/Manufacturer code

YV4: Sweden/Volvo (applied to Cross Country models, including Ocean Race models)
YV1: Sweden/Volvo (applied to standard V90 models)

Position 4-5: Engine code

10: T5 (B4204T23)
A2: T6 (B4204T27)

Position 6: Emissions standard

2: ULEV2

Position 7-8: Model and varient

GL: V90 T5 Inscription
GM: V90 T5 R-Design
VL: V90 T6 Inscription
VM: V90 T6 R-Design
NK: V90 T5 Cross Country
NL: V90 T6 Cross Country
NT: V90 T6 Cross Country Ocean Race

Position 9: Check code in the US (aka: filler)

Position 10: Model Year

J: 2018
K: 2019
L: 2020

Position 11: Factory identifier

1: Torslandaverken

Position 12-17: chassis code

Assigned number that seems to maybe correlate to the order of production on a specific assembly line.

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Thanks for the details, will check it against my R design.

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Don’t want to discourage you, but maybe the decoding is a bit off and you got some wrong inputs?

For example: my V90 Cross Country’s VIN

- starts with YV1
- then it says PZ
- and then A3

It is definitely a T6 and a cross country variant, even though the VIN has different values from the ones your post suggests it should have (YV4; A2)

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