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Video review - not good!

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Not a good review
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Re: Video review - not good! (Eric_H)

although I certainly dont suuport volvo's decision to offer just 220 hp for such a heavy and sporty car, I think the review of 4car is totally BS. The car is just as good as an A4, and I know many people who think its more beautiful than the audi and the other competitors;also the interior is very nice and swedish!
The reviewer gave no tangible reasons to prove that its an inferior car to the Germans.What an infuriating remark to say that volvo CANNOT compete with the Germans, and that volvo is not a prestige car brand.

Awful review in my opinion and totally unprofessional, not to mention B-I-A-S-E-D!
http://********************/smile/emthdown.gif !
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