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VIDA2015 Function usage matters

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Hello, everyone
I want to buy VIDA2015, but the price is a little expensive. Do any friends have bought Vida2015? Or get in touch with VIDA license and share your experience. Thanks! Good luck to you all!
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That's for a 5 license yearly subscription. You only need one license.

What year car are you trying to diagnose and where in the world are you? Is this for commercial use or just for yourself?
Yes, I subscribed to five licenses.
Most of the vehicles I diagnosed were those born after 16.
I don't understand this regulation. Is there any difference in price or function between business and individual?
I am currently in Taiwan.
I don't know about your region, Taiwan. In the US "volvotechinfo.com" will sell VIDA subscriptions for 3, 30, or 365 days. In the US anyone, shop/business/ individual can purchase a single license.
Some people use VIDA for about $1,400 a year, not including the ability to download software.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts