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Hello, does anyone have a Dice in the Ft. Worth/Weatherford area that would be willing to lend a couple hours in exchange for a few frosty beverages/bucks. I am new to volvo's, I have an 06 s60 2.5T with an ABS light.

This started when I was in Germany and the parking break locked the rear passenger wheel up and demolished the knuckle(while driving) luckily I was not on the autobahn. I removed all the remnants of the breaks and all the hardware and made the car driveable, because I had to ship the car back to the states 2 days later. Plus the cost of the parts in Germany was insane $800 just for the knuckle. The day I shipped it out I get the ABS light. I assumed it was from the pressure washer from the required cleaning. There was no damage to the back of the knuckle or the wheel bearing that I could tell other than the bearing being worn out (110,000 miles). When the car arrived in Ft Worth the light was still on. I finally got around to trying to fix it last week. I took it into the dealer and they told me that it was a loose connection under the seat for the passenger rear sensor. $120 for the diagnosis. I ordered the knuckle $475 (dealer) and ordered new wheel bearings $58 from parts geek. I replaced both the knuckle and bearing yesterday. I didnt even make it out of the driveway before the ABS light was back on. I have 2 theories: one that the passenger sensor is bad, or two that the wheel bearing I bought is not ABS compatible. I bought both rear wheel hubs because the drivers side is worn out also. I dont want to install the drivers side until I find out, so I can send it back if it is not ABS compatible.

I just need help to figure out which option it is.

Thanks in advance
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