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Vibration on Dashboard & Wiper Problem

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Just took delivery of my S40 about 3 weeks ago. I noticed that the dashboard area all the way to the steering wheel tends to vibrate quite abit when the car is stationary. Is this normal?

And, in 3 weeks and I've already sent my car to the dealer 3 times to get a wiper problem fixed. The first time they explaind that a protection layer of oil on the windscreen wasn't cleaned off properly which caused the wiper to stick. The second time, they discover that the rubber area of the wiper had hardened and needed to be replaced. Finally, yesterday they had to change the wiper again because of poor quality which caused it to make a lot of noise when in use.
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Hi there. Am a new guy, was poking around the old postings and came across yours. I've just acquired a 1999 S40 2.0T, and the car engine vibrates when idle (with gear engaged; no vibration when neutral). Was this what you experienced? Have you found out the cause? I was told it might be the engine mounting.
Re: (s-hong)

According to SM Motors ... the vibration is very much a design "flaw" with the S40. I was given the impression that this problem + the wiper problem was specific to 2002 models only, so I'm not sure if your problem is related. Maybe you should send it in for a check. For my case ... I've pretty much given up ... always tell myself that I have gotten an in-built Osim chair with my Volvo.
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Re: Vibration

I've taken my car in three times for excessive vibration... It's always bad when it idles, but sometimes it really shudders at a stoplight.

Volvo has claimed every time that there isn't a problem, and says there's nothing to fix. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has this issue!

Any suggestions on whether this can be fixed?
Re: Vibration (Todd1001)

On other cars I've owned, dash vibration was cured by replacing bad motor mounts. I doubt if you all have bad mounts. The dealer may be correct in stating that "thats the way it is." Unless the design of the motor mounts is changed, the vibration will continue.
Re: Vibration (Elwood)

I've decided that I'm going to have the engine mountings replaced the next time I bring it in for its scheduled service in a couple of months. I'll keep you guys posted as to how it turns out.
Re: Vibration (s-hong)

Man, I sure don't like what I'm reading here.

My girlfriend owns a 2000 S40 1.8t which I'll be "inheriting" when we get married, since we're expecting a baby and she's getting my current vehicle, which is a roomier one.

Overall, I think the S40 is a fairly decent car, but did notice the excessive vibration at idle. Up until now I thought it had bad engine mounts, and was going to report that when I took it to the Volvo dealership the next time, but now it appears this vibration is normal, according to what some of you guys have been told. If that is correct, man, it's unacceptable! You shouldn't have to put up with that on a somewhat expensive car, especially when cheaper 4 cylinders are smooth as silk. Something's definitely wrong. Maybe the engine doesn't have balance shafts?

As for wiper problems, a couple of months ago the mast of the wiper on the driver's side broke suddenly during operation. First, I scoured the local junk yards to see if I could get one cheaper than at the dealership. Not only were there no S40's with one on it, one of the junkyard guys told me I was the 3rd guy to come in that day asking for the same thing! (It had been raining all week).

But it doesn't end there. I ended up going to the Parts Department of the local Volvo dealership, and as soon as the parts counter person saw me come in holding the wiper mast, he asked, "Volvo S40, right?". I answered affirmatively, and he informed me that he'd been selling that part like crazy. I then asked him if Volvo was replacing this part for free, since there must be an obvious defect, and he said no (my car's out of warranty). Have any of you had a similar problem?
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Re: Vibration (JRinPR)

The USA 1.9LT engine does not vibrate, and I, as an owner of a 2000 S40, have never had any problems with the engine or wipers on this USA model in the past 75,000 miles. http://********************/smile/emcocktl.gif

I do use the PIAA wiper blades, as they are " a dream come true" for effectiveness in the rain.
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Re: Vibration (jone)

Well, the one I've got is US-spec. All cars sold in Puerto Rico have to conform to exactly the same federal safety and emmission requirements as any car sold in the US. I'm glad you haven't had that problem, but it seems others have. I haven't been too impressed by the service provided by the local Volvo distributor and wouldn't be surprised if I get the same "they all do that" line from them that other people posting within this topic got from their respective dealers. We'll see what happens.

I installed some new Bosch wiper blades in my girlfriend's car. Although a little more expensive than the other brands, they've proven very reliable to me over the years I've used them. The problem I had, though, was not with the wiper itself, but the wiper mast, which broke off past the attachment point. I've owned close to 30 cars in my lifetime, and that was a first.
Re: Wiper noise

There's a technical service bulletin (TSB) about the wiper noise. I brought my wife's '01 S40SE in and complained about it. She said the "angle" was right on but the blades need to be replaced. I'm not so sure of it but they're as silent as ever now.......

See the TSB list (#5):

Re: (s-hong)

It is the engine mounting. Tell your dealer to look up the bulletin on Phase II engine mounts. Quite a number of them have faults and need to be replaced with a Phase I type.

As for the wiper blades, I really don't know what it could be. Volvo don't spray wax on the windscreen of their cars like some manufacturers do and that if not removed properly will cause wiper judder.
Re: (pyaap)

On the recommendation of my mechanic, I have replaced only one engine mounting (the right-hand side one only). The other three mountings were ignored. The vibrations have disappeared. I took a look at the old mounting: the bloody thing was all warped inside, with prominent gaps. If Volvo says "that's just the way it is", well, then, shame on Volvo.
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