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I just installed a new Alpine CVA-1005 head unit, Alpine DVD based NAV, Alpine DVD Player, and Alpine CD Changer. Actually, these components were removed from a 1998 XC I had and when I purchased my V70 T5 this year, I opted to install them there using a wiring harness and new fascia plate found on line. I will be posting some pictures soon along with a brief narrative and links on where I got my facia adapter and wiring harness so I didn't have to splice into the cars harness.....

My question to anyone who knows is, I need to tap the Vehicle Speed Sensor and would like some help on where I would find this, preferably inside the car under the dash. From the look of the wiring diagram I have, it appears that it comes off the ECM inside the engine compartment and I would prefer not to splice anything in there nor attempt coming through the firewall. So, if anyone can let me know where I might find this VSS that will allow my NAV system to pick up the actual vehicle speed when I have a poor satellite signal, I would really appreciate it.

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