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I thought that there already was a DC chapter of VCOA. I did also read that note in Rolling about the new chapter. So what is this: http://volvoclubdc.com/ ??

And the website even says it was last updated just 2 months ago. I've been looking at the page for the past couple of years, though, and I haven't noticed changes.

Anyways, the guy I bought my 242 from used to be part of the DC club, and he used to run the 242 at Summit Point. Actually, I think there is still a picture of him installing struts into the car that I now own, during one of their DIY sessions at a Volvo shop.

I also remember reading several months ago in Rolling that there was a new Boston chapter forming, but I've not heard one more peep about that. Sure, Duncan LaBay is out here, but his crowd is all about the vintage Volvos, and he lives an hour out of Boston. They don't seem to get too excited over anything newer than a 140. And I sure wouldn't dare bring in a Volvo with a V8!

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