I have a load of parts left from my 2006 Sonic Blue V70R. All prices do NOT include shipping. I will try to keep this thread up to date as stuff sells. Please note, I am NOT holding anything for anyone. Money talks. I apologize for taking a hard line, but so many people say they want stuff and then never pay, I just can't deal with that. Respond here or in PM with what you want along with your zip and we can work out a shipped price.

By the way, I am lazy and I hate packing stuff for shipping. Buy a bunch at once and I promise to give you a discount!

I have a few other parts, but this is the vast majority of it. If you need something you don't see here, you can ask, but it is 95% likely that I either don't have it or am not yet selling it.

Hu-850, works but the buttons don't illuminate, display is normal, $70 SOLD
Center channel speaker, $30
Front door tweeters, $20
Rear D-Pillar speakers, $20
Stock V70R exhaust (resonator removed, but included) $150, pickup only SOLD
Rear hubs, carriers, and backing plates, $100
Rear diff, axles, DEM, Pump, sensors, Haldex assembly, $400 (DEM or pump may be bad)
Front DS axle, $90 SOLD
Front hubs, carriers, ABS sensors, backing plates, $150
Fuel line cover from underside of car, $50
Power steering reservoir, $40
DS Front door, complete minus interior panel and speaker, $100 pickup only SOLD
DS Rear door, complete minus interior panel and speaker, $100 pickup only
Rear bumper, no parking sensors, recently resprayed, $200 pickup only
Spaceball, some scratching, $40 SOLD
Rear view mirror, $40
SUM #30739073, $100
E-brake assembly with boot, $40
SRS Module #30737504 $100
Rear ABS wheel speed sensors, $30
"R" Door sill plates, $60
Steering wheel stalks, $40
Front seatbelts w/pretensioners, $75
2 front original struts, about 150k miles LEAKING SOME OIL but not throwing codes, $35 each (These are good for stealing the transducers to fool the stock system if you install coilovers.)