Selling my Vaitrix Booster module for a P* tuned XC90. I ran it for 2 years without issue, but I'm looking to sell my XC90, so I'm parting out some items I had installed. Unit was purchased directly from Vaitrix in 2020. My butt-dyno noticed a difference in performance, but I never had it tested. Manufacturer's claim is +30hp +55tq.

More info on the module available HERE, and in many other Swedespeed threads. Vaitrix site for info HERE. I'm not sure if they still manufacture this module or not as it looks to be sold out. All parts needed to install are included and unit is cosmetically in great condition. Module is a very simple install with 3 connections to engine sensors - all accessable without part removal. I have a spare wiring harness that is brand new due to a shipping issue on my original order. I'll include both the one I used and the new one. Will ship within the continental US.