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First off, what a great meet. A wide variety of Volvos showed up including 3 T-Gulls & 3 Bertone coupes. Be sure to check out the pristine 780 with factory 17" Volvo Polaris rims, RWTurbo & his refinished 16" Volvo Galaxy rims, as well as the orange 940 wagon with 20" (!) rims & a dvd system with 2 screens.
A Big thanks to Phillips Volvo for sponsoring the event and the cookout. It was great to catch up with some friends that I don't get to see very often. For those that I didn't meet, I was the guy running around (and into a couple of you) with the video camera & the Nikon D100.

Here are the photos I took from the meet today. There are 147 images, so be patient & wait for all the thumbnails to show up. If anybody wants a high res photo, just drop me an email with the photo number, my email address is on the gallery page.

Link to the rest of the photos:


Give me a couple weeks to put the video together. When it's done, I'll post a link.
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