The 2017 V90 Cross Country made its car show debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show today. Placed alongside the new V60 Polestar, the two cars show the duality of Volvo performance, in both ideal and less than ideal conditions.

The svelte new V90 Cross Country features a raised ride height, all-wheel-drive, and body cladding along the wheel arches.


"The new V90 Cross Country takes our versatile V90 estate and adds the heart of an explorer," said Peter Mertens, Senior VP of Research & Development, Volvo Cars.

The V90 Cross Country is about more than just rugged styling, though.

"Designing a Volvo Cross Country is not a styling exercise, a plastic job," said Thomas Ingenlath, Senior VP Design at Volvo Cars. "It is based on honest capability [...] It will continue the genuine tradition of the Volvo Cross Country with a new recipe: The blend of powerful off-road capability in a most elegant, sophisticated, tailored wagon suit."


The new V90 was shown alongside the brand new 60 series Polestars. The V and S60 Polestars are the quickest cars Volvo has ever made. The power comes from the cars' award winning four cylinder Drive-E powertrain, that has been heavily tuned to produce 362 hp.

The four-pot engine has been given a bigger turbo as well as a supercharger, new conrods, a new camshaft, and a larger air intake. The S and V60 Polestars get all that power down through a BorgWarner four-wheel-drive system, and a Polestar-optimized eight-speed Geartronic automatic transmission.


Despite the power and extra driven wheels, Polestar has also reduced the V/S60's weight. The cars are more than 50 lbs lighter over the front axle, though only 44 lbs lighter overall. The weight shift means better distribution, allowing for better handling.

All of that combined gets the new Polestars to 60 in just 4.4 seconds.

Along with the new S/V60 Polestars come doubled production. That means that Polestar will make 1,500 cars a year, about 200 of which will be sold in the US.