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My V70XC had after 120000km a breakdown with the gearshift. I have been driving a lot on the german autobahn as well as other types of driving. Now, after having reversed a trailer about 40meters, a few meters at a time (while I had to go out and shovel a lot of snow) and then resuming lucky to the destination (my frontdoor), coming out after unloaded the trailer I couldn't move the gearlever. The poor car had to be towed... Well, the automatic clotch adjustment (made of some plastic material) had melted. The Volvodealer (repairshop) claimed I had skid to much on the gearshift, since it had been so hot that it melted... (?!?!). So, they refused to compensate. Well, obviously it must have been pretty hot since it melted, but why? (I do know how to drive AND I do know the principle of how to burn a gearshift) Now, this was half a year ago and now (30000km later) the gearshift has begun to be harsh.

1. The gearshift lamella was checked and in a good shape (even if it had marks of heating) after it was replaced. (Not much exposure of wear)
2. The plastic adjuster wasn't even locateble when the lamella was replaced. Burned away.
3. When this happened, the engine was on all the way to the end. The car was moved very short streches at a time with limited load.
4. A car built to haul 1800kg of towing hook load should have a gearshift constructed for the same power...
5. Ok, even an experieced driver can do mistakes too, I know. But I claim this is something failing.
Anyone had similar experience? Any idea of what is wrong? I'm not very hot on going back to the dealer making a complaint about it without having more information.

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