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Re: V70R - Trade in value?? (RickTu)

Quote, originally posted by RickTu »
I've been driving an '04 V70R for a couple of years now. Still have ~1 yr left on the lease. I've started looking around for what to drive next, and even talked to a dealer about a trade-in. He offered me $25K as a starting point. Seems very lowball to me - but was wondering what the wholesale price is these days? Anyone know?

My Car: '04 V70R, 19K miles, Premium Package, Touring Package, Climate Package, Nav system, integrated child booster seats, GT. Black / Nordkap.

Thanks for any info.

I was offered $23K when the car was 18 months old and had 18K miles. I kind of laughed at them since my 3 year/45K residual was 27K, but they would not budge.

Of course, no sunroof, manual transmission, flash green with atacama probably is not that easy to sell.
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