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V70R seat boosters in a S60R?

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Is it possible, has anyone else done it? I'd love to have the lower seat booster integrated into my R. Thanks in advance
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Re: V70R seat boosters in a S60R? (Garnetmica)

I believe it is not possible. Do the seats on the S (lower portion) flip forward?

BTW if anyone has a Gobi VR with boosters and doesn't use them, I'm interested in a swap!!! (sorry to Hijack).
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you can install S60R seats in a V70R

But you cant install V70R seats in a S60.

Mainly due to how they mount in .

S60 seats just have the clips in the bottom like the 850s where the V70R seats have mounts under neat the seat that lets them flip up.

if you wanted to cut the carpet and weld in mounts then yeah with out a problem
Thanks guys, appreciate the info...I would prefer the integrated look vs. walmart/babies-r-us booster seat whe nthe time comes.
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