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V70 XC or AWD - problems?

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I am considering a 98 or 99 V70 XC or AWD and had heard that owners are having problems with the rear end drive train. Is this common or only the word of a few vocal complaints. Also, any other maint. issues I should be aware of with the V70?

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Thanks George. Most of the cars I'm looking at are at dealers that likely wont know that, can a mechanic determine that by examining the vehicle?

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If you drive the car on mismatched tires that have minutely different diameters, damage can be done to the viscous drive. You may want to ask the original owner if they ever replaced the tires, and if so, how many did they replace? The correct answer is all of them and at the same time. As long as it is properly maintained, tires and all, it should be fine.
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