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Hello everyone,

So the patient is a 2002 Volvo V70 T5. The first symptom was that the idle got really rough and jumpy once it got warm, but there was no fault code. I read about the problem online, and found out about the Magneti Marelli ETM unit problems these cars have been having. I ordered a Sacer kit and installed it according to the instructions. The original voltage between pins 1 and 3 was 1,32V and after the Sacer installation it was 1,35V. The ETM test in Vida shows an angle difference of 1,23°.

I put the car back together and now the idle is very rough and it gives me a DTC: CEM-1A5D, Communication with the electronic throttle module, signal missing. I've checked the ETM wiring harness several times, tried cleaning the contacts which aren't corroded to begin with, but still no luck. I've also checked all the fuses on the side of the dashboard and in the engine bay. I've done the ETM test several times and there's no problem with that. I even took off the battery for about half an hour, still no difference.

I can't find anything about this problem online. The only ones I found were cases that had several other DTCs as well, but my car has only one, CEM-1A5D aside from those that pop up when you replace your radio with an aftermarket one. They have always been there without causing any problems. The car also revs to at least 5000rpm, so I believe it's not in limp mode.

Any ideas?
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