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Re: V70 R owners need your advice (row)

Quote, originally posted by row »
I am upgrading from my S80 T6 to the V70 R. Couple of questions:

i would like to have the dealer put the 18 inch rims on rather than the 17's. any issues with that, ie braking, does the larger size put more stress on the brake system.

how have you found the car to be in the relaibility dept. any major issues to be concerned with?

I do a lot of highway driving, fairly long trips, how is the comfort. the T6 seats are superb, R seats seem a little soft.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I do a good deal of touring 3K to 4K road trips in my 2005 V70 R and would strongly recommend against getting 18s. First they are not an option on a V70R, in the US, and the dealer will consider this a mod. So when something remotely related that has a known failure, such as wheel bearings, it will suddenly be your fault because you have non-stock wheels. Secondly, as mentioned, it is difficult to find proper LOAD RATED and SPEED RATED tires for the 17s, and near impossilbe for the 18s. The 18s are more prone to road damage and you will have issues with pot holes with either tire but the 18s are worse. Also since you are using the car for touring, I assume you will have luggage and or cargo. The load rating is important here, and also the tires will be more comfortable.

My 2005 V70R has left me on the side of the road waiting for a flat bed twice. A third time I was so annoyed I just drove the car in spite of a screaming driveshaft hitting the exhaust system, otherwise there would have been a third. The first two were fuel pump failures. There are not too many stranded failure reports, other than other fuel pumps, however there are other items such as fuel sensors that have left people in a limp mode. There are several other failure points on the car, however they will just involve a trip to the dealer as opposed to a tow truck experience. Most of them are low tech failures.

In no way can you even mention Toyota or Honda reliability in the same breath with Volvo, especially in regard to drivability failures. That does not make it bad, but you will get to know your service department, so try to find a good one. Also if you are looking for a six speed manual, station wagon, there are very few manufacturers to choose from.

The seats are the best in the industry, hands down. It has been that way with Volvo for as long as I can remember. They are heated (an option) but you can not get ventilated seats.

I should say that on long highway trips I can get 23 to 24 MPG consistently, even with some short bursts of spirited driving. Living in Texas it normally has 93 octane in it, however that is not always available along the road.

In regard to rims stressing braking, there is no issue there. The Brembo brakes are excellent, some have had squeal problems however.
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