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Hi all, I'm in the process of refreshing my 2008 V70 @ 130k miles with all new suspension bits. Yesterday, I completed the rear with Bilstein B4 shocks, R-design springs, and IPD ARB and end links.

I ordered the springs new with an R-Design VIN, but I was not able to find the R-Design rear bump stops, so I approximated it by trimming a standard bumpstop by how much shorter the new springs were. After a test drive, it looks like I have about 1" clearance between the bottom of the bumpstop and the lower spring seat in the control arm.

Could someone with an R-Design verify how much clearance they have (between the bottom of the bumpstop and the lower spring seat) with the car sitting on the ground/ramps? Something precise would be awesome but I'd settle for a general guestimate or finger-widths. ;)

Much appreciated!
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