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Hi All. New to the forum but long time Volvo owner. I was hoping to get some feedback on the possiblity of coilovers for a AWD.

I have a 1998 V70 AWD. I originally gave it to my wife but now it is my project car. It has been chipped (IPD), w/ dual exhaust from the cat back w/ magnaflows. It has 225/45/17's with Pirelli P6000's from a C70.

It is set up pretty nice but I would like to lower it. I have been hesitant to even look into it since I have done it on a 84 245 GLT w/ H & R's and Bilsteins from IPD(+ a ton of other stuff, but that is another story). It handled wonderfully but if you were going to drive real long you would need a kidney belt.

The coilovers sounded like the ticket...KW's Varriant 2 with ride and height adjustability. But all the charts say NO AWD. I have been told due to the Nivomats(?).

I saw on one forum that someone did it to a V70R AWD, but I haven't been able to find him.

Can anyone tell me why the coilovers are not available for the AWD? I would be curious to impressions from anyone who has put Coilovers on their vehicle. And does anyone have any ideas on lowering the V70 AWD without compromising the ride too much. (I am getting older)

Thanks to All Jon
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