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V70 as a pickup

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Only photoshop but still nice.
More pic's here (in swedish) http://www.bilsport.se/news.php?id=66651

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Re: V70 as a pickup (McDonald)

Oh man, that would be so cool to have, if only it existed.
Re: V70 as a pickup (McDonald)

No, no, no! But i'll take the wheels.
I'll pass on the conversion option. But somebody please put the body shop in touch with the R-Design studio for that front end!
Re: V70 as a pickup (Hyxarn)

^hopefully that trailer is on the way to the recyling plant http://********************/smile/emthdown.gif
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Re: V70 as a pickup (VolvoD)

Geez... I'm thankful at least for the innovation and different ideas companies have... it would be bloody boring if noone took risks to do some concept cars!
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