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Hello to all members

First of all I want to thank you for creating this forum to discuss opinions and show excellent works from volvo lovers :love:

I have a Volvo V60 Cross Country 12/2015 with original halogen headlights, I really like seeing the xenon headlights and decided to buy it!
I thought it would arrive, it would fit and it was working, but it actually didn't.
I read some related issues from other members but my question is
: Can I use VDash to code the module?
What can I do?

⚠ATTENTION: I don't need the headlights leveling and stuff, I just want to turn on the lights and be able to walk with them without giving out errors of burned out bulbs

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I recall someone in another forum did a 10watt lamp in series to prevent the cem to throw a message.

The issue it seems, lies with the current supply to halogen vs xenon are different, and there is the canbus, so, it seems it is not a simple Vida programming change. The xenon has swirling lights, so, it requires to download some software too and the other issue relates to the light heights n LHD n RHD levelling and without the sensor, it likely throws a error message.

From an electrical view, might need a to check current from a stock car xenon Vs yours and setup a lamp in series to keep canbus happy.

Not sure any solutions for the levelling, probably need to examine more details if this needs a solution.

Can't help much, but if u decide to swap back halogen n put in LED, u will need a canbus driver box, so that the led works well n not trigger an error message. It's a known thing, so, most sets should be equipped to manage this.

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