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Hello all,
First-time poster and soon to be (I hope) first-time Volvo owner. I just put in an build order through my local dealer for a MY20 V60 CC, fully optioned, save the Bowers sound system. I came across a couple discrepancies in the dealer build guide vs what I've seen on the web. There seems to be two versions of "Blond" leather interiors- one with just seats, door inserts, and armrest in Blond in a Charcoal interior, and another with the whole cabin and cargo area matching. The USA order guide shows the matching cabin version. Maybe the two versions are slated for different markets?
The "Exterior Styling Kit" is listed as part of the Pro Package with no details in the order guide, but I found a separate Volvo accessories page which lists the pieces. There are aluminum trim pieces that extend a bit under the skirts at the front and rear as well as side skirt pieces, as seen in some of the promo videos. A true engine skid plate in aluminum for the MY20 V60 CC is also showing as available on the Volvo accessories site.

*edited with updated info*
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