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Hi there,

So there is a bit of a long story to be told with this car and I might include it later but for now I would like some help from the community to help get this car going again asap.

My partners car is a 2006 2.4i v50, vin is YV1MW382362199592. It's really clean and was well taken car of by the original owner but he sold when it started to overheat (we didn't know this originally). We picked it up from a random dude who was saying it had a misfire which I didn't mind messing with. Anyway, we drove off and after about 20mins the car overheated, checked the oil and it was milky. My first thought is head gasket is gone which sucks.
My friends house was down the road so I let the car cool down for a few minutes. When I tried to start it again it took a couple of seconds to turn over which hadn't happened before. Once it was started we sat for a few minutes to see if the car would overheat idling and it didn't so we drove it to my friends which was close by. We had to go over a few little rises and the temp came up but once rolling in neutral it returned the temp needle returned to the middle.

The next day we emptied the coolant and there was oil in it, the oil was milky too so my friend and me decided it was a head gasket and pulled the head off.
I took the head to a local shop and they pressure tested it, it has no cracks and then they machined it straight. It was .008 out at the biggest point. they also looked at the head gasket and there was no obvious spot on it where fluids were transferring.

The head definitely had a warp but is there a chance the coolant could be mixing anywhere else? I have searched on google about oil and coolant mixing and there are some suggestions that the oil cooler could be letting the two mix.
I'm worried I'm going to put the car back together and it will just happen again. I'm going to put the car back together in the next few days so i'd like to hear about any things I should check or make sure I do before it's all back together.

Two last questions.

What is the best way to make sure all the oil is out of the coolant lines and vice versa?
was is the best sealer to use when putting the cam cover back on?

also I'm not a mechanic, I'm new to volvo's (I usually have japanese cars or peugeots) and we picked this car up cheap so I am doing the work myself to save money but I will be trying to do everything correctly.

Thanks for your time, I happy to answer questions if you need more info.
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