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V50 ... Leak in the Rear ?

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Just washed my V50 today, which is a beautiful day in Cheshire UK

I noticed that there was a small pool of water inside my car on the boot cover pull thing .... as if the water had come through the rear washer jet, I had a look around and managed to snap a couple of plastic fittings around the rear screen .... hope I don't get a rattle now.

Anyone else notice some water ingress when using a normal hose?

Just been out and checked all seals .. and give them a wipe, they seem okay

Modified by denzo at 2:55 AM 5-5-2006
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Re: V50 ... Leak in the Rear ? (v50t5black)


Mine had this aftre havingthe leaky washer jet investigated, whislt the delaer waited for the new part the old one wasn't refitted correctly, the nozzle was loose and able to be turned by hand from the outside. Water gets in through the seal and drips off the "seam" between the plastic boot lid trims onto the load cover. Try pushing the nozzle onto the car, IIRC the part is a ratchet snap fit affair so should tighten up when pushed.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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