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In our V50 d5 my 2010 with full automatic AC (EEC) got this ccm-0071 (tp) damper motor faulty position -error.

Tested heater/air condition, and everything else worked execpt manual air direction to floor and dashboard. Direction to windshield and Defrost worked fine. When selecting manually direction to floor, some sound was hearded and heater motor blowed but air wasn't coming from nowhere. When selecting direction to dashboard, same thing: some sound but air wasn't coming from nowhere.

Ok, when jumping back and forwards manually between these air directions, suddenly I was able to get air to windshield and to floor - but selection was windshield and dashboard...

Sometimes with full automatic selected, it blowed air from dashboard vents only, like it has sometimes done.

Everything else in heater/AC worked in manual operation. Tested both seat heaters they worked. Tested every switch from driver door everything worked.

This lasted about a week and then I got my own Vida. Readed those codes, and there was this ccm-0071 (tp) damper motor faulty position -error. And it cannot be deleted. Made damper motor calibrations, no help.

Some Volvo experts said that there might be faulty wires in drivers door, but in that case car should have lots of more faults - and there wasn't any, everything else worked. Same guys said that it might be damper motor but highly unlikely.

Some other Volvo guy said that it IS the faulty damper motor he has changed lots of them at las year. Only thing is that it might be expensive because you have to remove the whole dashboard to change some damper motors...

Third Volvo guy said that V50 is prone to freeze the intercooler and that fault code could be from there. Ok, I have read that 2.0 diesel V50 are prone to that and some guy have had that error but including another error codes, but no one with D5 engine with that icy intercooler problem.

Two times in last three weeks I have had yellow "I" and text: "Engine system needs service" but no limp mode. Error code P1935 - Powertrain. At next startup that "I" logo and "Engine system..." was gone but that P1035 was still there. Readed codes with Vida and it said "Failure or missing clutch and/or brake pedal signal". On both times that code was able to delete.

Ok, now it gets weard:
Five days ago at monday I installed cardboard shield to lower air intake hole in front of V50, and at monday evening I went to car battery shop and changed the battery to new AGM battery and bought as big as it fits to V50. I renewed battery because two times in last 3 weeks Ebersrächer has turned itself off after only 2-4 minutes from startup.

Wednesday car was stand still, no driving at all.

Thursday to work and at work went to first customer. Starting the car at office, idle rpm was at 1000 and it lowered to normal. Let the car run, we had -31 Celsius at that time. No error messages at all.

Driving to the customer and suddenly I noticed what a heck, heater/AC air directions works as they should!

Tested several times and they indeed worked. After leaving my customer, car at park about over an hour, still every air direction worked as they should. Immediatelly went to dealer which had Vida, they readed codes. There still was that ccm-0071, but at this point it was able to delete and tested again, no error, made damper motor calibration, it went through and no problems...

Sorry this long text, but has anyone had anything like that...? What could have made that ccm -error...? I know that bad car battery can make weardest errors but can it take two-three days after renewing the battery to get that code cured...?
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