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I am new on this forum.
My name is Boerge and I have a 1998 V40 1.9 Turbo (T4).
I hope you guys are as friendly and helpful as the audippl and porsche ppl
on their respective forums.

Problem: Small drops of oil on ground after driving car.
I am new to this model, but had a look under, seems to be coming from
the bigger line from turbo to block, I assume oil line, but no leak on the turbo side.
Or my car being an auto trans, from the transaxle seal out of diff/gearbox
on pass side. (1.5 or 2" fat transaxle).
What is most likely, what can I do, is it hard fix, expensive?

All help and inputs are very welcome.



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Re: V40 T4 Oil leak...Turbo line? or passenger side axle seal? (boerge)

welcome; if the leak is on the oil pan above the drain plug it is often the tubo oil return line. the green rubber "o" ring on the tube and the gasket to the turbo costs about 3 US$ and it takes an experienced mechanic about 10 minutes using a lift. me it took an hour on jack stands and on my back the first time. i could do it now in less that half that time now.

if the leak is not above the drain plug it may be the drain plug washer. this has happened to me a couple times and i have been able to fix the leak with a few more pounds of torque on the drain plug, costing nothing.

if it is on the axle i have no idea of the complexity or cost, not cheap i bet.

check the type of oil found and wipe the areas clean to get a better picture after a little driving.

good luck. also try "s40concepts.net" good people and good advice. that board is much more active than this one.

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Re: V40 T4 Oil leak...Turbo line? or passenger side axle seal? (hastee)

Hi, I'm interrsted in how you replaced the turbo return oil line seals in an hour. Could you fill me in how you did it?

Thanks in advance!!!
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