March was a good month for Volvo, with sales around the world growing by more than 10%, as compared to March 2017.

Growth was strong in all of Volvo's major markets, but was particularly steep in the US, where sales rose by 53%. Together with the January and February numbers, Volvo has sold 49% more cars in America so far this year than it did last year.

Mind you, with volume of just 8,200 for the month and 20,000 for the year, that's still a relatively small portion of Volvo's total sales.

Europe is where Volvo's volume really gets sold and the good news for the brand is that it was up, albeit only by 1%. That's still helped the brand's total for the year to date of nearly 80,000 deliveries, up 5.7% from last year.

Sales in China, too, rose in March. Selling more that 10,000 vehicles there in March and nearly 30,000 vehicles there so far this month, Volvo improved by 17% and 23% (month and year) in the market.

All told, the brand sold 63,000 vehicles in March (10% better than last year) and 147,000 vehicles so far this year, an improvement of nearly 15% over last year.