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Upper Engine Mount

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2003 S60 AWD 32,000 miles
It seems over time I feel more engine vibration.

The upper engine mount looks ok.

I recently purchase (but have not installed it) EVOLVE S60 Upper Engine Mount Bushing - Black.

Wondering if this will cause more vibration or should I use the IPD engine mount.
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Re: Upper Engine Mount (JRL)

You have a choice of replacing the round bushing with another round one, or, if your dealer is like mine, they will sell you the latest version, which is a cross shaped bushing, but you end up buying the housing and the bushing. Actually easier to replace, because the round bushing has to either be pressed out, or hacksawed out. With the new housing/bushing, you simply unbolt the old one, and bolt on the new one. I just replaced mine, and doing it myself, took less than an hour from time I drove into the garage to the time I drove out, and I was taking my own sweet time.
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