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I have an '02 S60 T5. It's pretty much bone stock except for a new front suspension and aftermarket rims, and the next thing up for replacement is the side mirrors, since the ones I have are scuffed pretty bad, with some cracks in the plastic, and chipped/fading paint. I found the "neverending S60 Project" blog that went over installing side mirror assemblies from a 2007+ model S60 onto a 2002 S60 (the dang thing is even the same color as mine! It's like the post was made for me.)

I am down for doing this to my car, the new style look much nicer than the old style, but there's one thing I'd like to ask of before I go on the hunt for used mirrors: how similar are the '05-06 assemblies to the '07+ ones? I don't care about having a blinker on my mirrors, and it looks like the '05 assemblies are the same as the '07+ assemblies, but sans blinker, and cheaper to boot. Is that an accurate assumption?

Also less important: does anyone know if there will be a change in wind noise with newer mirrors? The ones I have now make one heck of a racket on the highway (compared to the rest of the car at least, it's still miles ahead of cars I've owned in the past :D)

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