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I've got a an Apple iPod Mini that has been refurbished and upgraded with a new battery, outer case and a 32GB compact flash drive. The compact flash has no moving parts, unlike the old 4GB hard drives that were in them, thus it's more reliable and efficient with battery usage.

I refurbished this myself as I was going to install this in my wife's Honda, but I decided not to install a Grom unit in her car, as we are going to sell it soon. I have a 32GB Mini hooked up to our XC90 through the Grom unit and it sounds great. Best of all I can hold a large library of songs with a 32GB iPod and its dedicated to the car, only need to remove when I want to add songs or update playlists.

I currently have it listed on eBay for $125 a Buy It Now or auction starting at $110 (plus shipping). I'll sell it to forum members for $105 shipped.

Let me know if anyone is interested. I've got a couple of other Mini's sitting around. If anyone else is interested, I'll refurbished those too.
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