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I recently did a brake upgrade on my Volkswagen Golf. It uses Audi TT components, and is a pretty affordable upgrade and here's why.

The Golf uses the same caliper as the TT. The TT simply uses a different carrier, larger rotors and larger pads. For this reason, it's also an easier install as you don't have to crack open the system.

While at the Volvo Fire & Ice event last week, I looked at the brakes on the V70, the C70 and S80. Eyeballing them, they looked identical, though the S80 appeared to have larger rotors and the carrier design wasn't all that different from the Golf setup I have.

So, if the 850 uses the same caliper, upgrading to an S80 T-6 setup (I'm guessing the largest OEM setup made for FWD Volvos) might be a cake walk.

What we need is someone to go to the dealer, order these parts and try to install them. Unfortunately, I am no longer the current owner of our Project 854R so I am not a candidate.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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