Looking to get rid of my 2005 s80 2.5t5 awd.

been a problem since the purchase, got 2 other major projects going, rebuilding daily's engine and little time after 50 hour work week. need all the extra money for a soon to be move.

if you specialize in european cars or have a proffesional diagnostic tool this might be a steal for you. no engine codes, crank no start . ive had multiple professional mechanics look at this and still puzzled, not interested in sinking any more money into maybe's which includes tow build to shop and a 200 diag bill just to start. i was told buy a specialized volvo mechanic after discussing what has already been done to the vehicle and he stated it could be a numerous things without eyes on; but these s80s were kinda poorly enigineered and encountered a lot of computer/electrical problems. was also told said computers run up to the thousands, at that rate id rather get the 850 wagon back on the road. the car drove from new york city to michigan before problems occurred.

all electronics in interior work; moon roof, heated seats, radio etc.
CAR HAS 289,000 $750 OBO


All interior except for driver seat in great condition.
Brand New blower motor
Brand new fuel filter
2 brand new fuel pumps. One bosche, one after market.
2 PEM's one brand new bosche, one aftermarket.
2 fps's (fuel pressure sensor, at rail)
Injectors are stock but have brand new screens, orings, and pintle caps.
2 starters one brand new bosche, one stock
Brand new inner, outer tie rods
Brand New sway bar links
brand new cam sensors and brackets.
brand new crank sensor and bracket.
Brand New bosche plugs and aftermarket coils
Brand New oil filter not installed on car.
Make offer on parts or car. Pics will be coming starting tomorrow.