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From: Auto Express UK, June 21, 2001
Hot on the heels of the dramatic SUV.


Hot on the heels of the dramatic SUV - see posting dated 20 June - will come the BMW M3-rivalling all-wheel-drive S60 performance car concept and the SCC concept.

Currently known as the PCC, it's also set for launch in 2002. When it reaches the UK, the five-cylinder turbocharged S60 will be the most powerful road car the firm has ever built.

In the same way that the new 4x4 pushes the boundaries of the SUV market, the high - performance S60 brings unrivalled levels of technology to motoring enthusiasts. At the very heart of the new S60's appeal is the 2.4-litre 300bhp engine, which pushes out 400Nm of torque. This power is channelled through a six-speed gearbox into a cleverly designed four- wheel-drive system.

Controlling everything is Volvo's FOUR-C set-up, which combines traction control, 'active' suspension and a clever powertrain that not only reacts to the amount of grip available, but can also decide how much power to put through the wheels before they start spinning. The set-up is controlled by the electronic engine-management system, and can be fine-tuned by the driver to adjust the chassis for comfort, performance or even racetrack driving.

Sitting on a set of 19-inch alloy wheels, it's clear this sizzling S60 is very close to production specification. Insiders admit few details will change, not least because its looks have been popular among motor show visitors and potential customers. Prices are likely to be high, however, as the technology does not come cheap. It carries a premium of around £5,000 over lesser S60 models, raising the flagship's price to a lofty £30,000 or $42,000 US dollars.

Finally, it's the SCC, or Safety Concept Car, which provides the most compelling glimpse of what Volvo's future may hold. While insiders say the firm is enthusiastic about the potential of the executive hatchback class, they insist this car will not go into production in its current form. Instead, many of the ideas showcased by the SCC, including the distinctive see-through front pillars and multi-point belts all round, are set to make production on the next-generation Volvos.

Also under consideration are the SCC's innovative headlamps, which automatically re-focus towards the horizon as the car travels faster. Ultimately, Volvo is confident of success with the ideas showcased by the SCC and is also keen to start work on a Volkswagen Golf-sized hatchback. Based on the same platform as the next Ford Focus, the design should lead to cabriolet and coupé variants.

Nearly all the ideas you see here are to reach production within 18 months. And, as we have exclusively revealed, others will appear even sooner. Some new items to look for in the 2002 model year for the S60 include a new DVD based RTI, Xenon headlights, different alloy wheels, and of course the 2.4T AWD that Volvo has just announced.

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Hmmmm, looks like Auto Express got an exclusive to photograph the cars. BTW, so did CAR magazine. This month there is an article on the SCC and the future 30-series with some photos of the car, presumably taken somewhere in the US following the NY Auto Show.

Too bad, I wasn't aggressive enough to ask the VoNA guys to let me drive the SCC. I highly doubt that's still in the country. Unless the R is due for release at Frankfurt, it'll probably be there though. Hmmmm.
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