This is the first racer from Lynk & Co and we have to say it looks pretty darn good.

The automaker revealed the 03 Sedan in August and is now ready to take it to the track. It's built by Geely Motorsport to TCR touring car regulations. It's a partnership with Cyan Racing, the company that built Volvo's championship-winning touring cars in 2017.

The new car is set to launch in the FIA WTCR series next year, taking on other TCR-spec cars from Audi, Alfa, Honda, Volkswagen, and more.

Lynk CEO Alain Visser said that "our entry in to motorsport sees us accept a new challenge. We aim to change mobility forever, and we want to do it quickly! In keeping with our rapid pace of development and evolution, racing will provide a test bed for our latest powertrains and connected technologies - with the 'fast-forward' button firmly on. The team, led by reigning world champion Thed Bjork, is tasked with testing our latest engineering and technologies to extremes in the most challenging of all driving environments."

Link didn't give product specs, but the TCR series uses cars weighing at least 1,250 kg, with four or five doors. Power comes from turbo-fours up to 2.0L, with max power at 350 hp. In addition to the FIA's World TCR series, there are more than two dozen regional and local series using the ruleset.

The TCR race car will also spawn a 500 hp road car concept called the Lynk & Co 03 Cyan, which will be "the first step towards an extended performance offer," in production form, the automaker says. We imagine the concept will be a hybrid, which means Volvo's unique T6 TwinEngine powertrain could be on offer, although we're just spitballing ideas here. No matter what's in store, we're excited at the prospect of this whacky-looking, Geely-Volvo-engineered sedan being offered in performance guise.

additional reporting by Sam McEachern