Volvo needs to start investing in "Loose Lips Sink Ships" posters because yet another 60 Series model has been shown off before the brand wanted.

This one, the S60, wasn't supposed to be revealed until the summer, but images acquired by Sweden's Teknikens Varld have found their way onto Twitter.

Nya Volvo S60 avslöjad - helt omaskerad! #Volvo #S60 #VolvoS60 #revealed #SCOOP #exclusive
- Teknikens Värld (@teknikensvarld)
8, 2018[/URL]

The car is seen alongside what looks like an XC60 in a garage and bears a striking resemblance to the recently revealed V60, as you'd expect.

The wagon's reveal was spoiled by leaked official press photos, though the leak happened just a day before the official reveal, not months.

On the official reveal , we found out that Volvo would offer its 2.0-liter turbo T5 drivetrain, as well as a turbo-and-supercharged T6 system. In addition, Volvo will offer T6 and T8 Twin Engine hybrid models and we'd expect a similar lineup for the S60.

Volvo also revealed that the S60 will be the first model it builds at its South Carolinian plant in Berkeley Country .