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Originally posted by T5 Dave:
They said on my factory tour that every Volvo save the convertible was available with the bullet-proofing kit as a special order. Then again, they never said how one could actually order it. Yannis, what's the procedure? Can you guys even do it or does it require a special request to VNA HQ?
No, we can't...I actually had a request back in November 2000 by a customer was/is the CEO of a large chemical company. He and I talked a lot about this and I did call Volvo Cars of North America. They told me that the customer would have to PREPAY the order and they (VCNA) would have to submit the order to the Special Vehicles Department. The figures were staggering (well, for me used to selling cars for no more than $48K) but the customer opted for a Mercedes. But it was an educational experience for me!

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