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UGH! Well, it's fixed...I think!

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Well, I picked my car up last night. SERVICE ENGINE was a software glitch, or bad string, or something. Just downloaded an update.
Moaning brakes were addressed with new pads and a spray of some type of silencer.
Car was washed when I picked it up, service dept. was as friendly as ever, handshake with the keys handed over. Dealership had a MY06 V70R (black) on the lot. WOW! What a neat car! First one I had ever seen in person.

BTW, my loaner car was an 06 XC90. Nice loaner, but no R(duh). Not quite as much to my liking as our Tahoe either. But anyway......after picking up the car.....
Drive to the intersection and stop for the light...<mmmoooaaannnn>.
Oh well. I'll assume it will die down like the previous pads did after 1500 miles.

So, about 5 minutes later during a quiet period of the new TOOL c.d. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif , I hear a small clanging sound. Funny, car never did this before.
For a couple more minutes, it clangs over every bump.
So, I am pretty torqued at having to listen to this crap NOW! All of a sudden CLANG, BANG, ANG, ANG, ANG, ANG...something breaks loose inside one of the left-side wheels!

So, I quickly pull off to the right side of the highway and call back to the dealership. I thought it sounded like some sort of caliper shield/rotor shield come loose.
They instructed me to call Volvo Assist and in the meantime they would send someone from service up with a loaner and while I drove home, he would wait for the tow truck.

To cut a story short, all goes along...I get a call last night...loose damper plate on left front caliper. The service manager apologizes up and down, offers to deliver my car that night. I waited until today for delivery.
So, everything has been taken care of, my clean (hopefully 100%) car is sitting out back waiting to be driven home.

I guess I could be torqued about 'what could have been'. But, the way this dealership handled itself made me react quite differently from ways I have reacted in the past at Chysler/Dodge/Jeep dealerships.

Besides, now I am too p*ssed about the greasy handprints all over my front bumper from the tow-man!
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Re: UGH! Well, it's fixed...I think! (Eric_H)

Quote, originally posted by Eric_H »

So, about 5 minutes later during a quiet period of the new TOOL c.d. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

New TOOL cd is great. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif Finally had to listen to something different after picking it last Tuesday, but I'm sure I be listening to it again tomorrow.

Glad everything turned out ok with your car.
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