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A or B

  • A: Keep the R

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  • B: Swap the R into the NA

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I am looking for some advice I've thought deeply about this and can not come to a decision on what I should do.
I have two 1998 Silver V70s.

#1 Clean title 98 V70 NA five speed 185,000 miles
Runs and drives great. Front fenders, bumper and hood are a little beat and the clutch is definitely near the end of its life but still drives comfortably.

#2 Salvage title 98 V70R AWD auto 65,000 miles
Runs and drives great. Tracs and CEL light are on probably need to replace the module.. A tree branch fell on it and crunched the roof right over the rear most passenger side window and bent the very top corner of the rear passenger door frame and knocked the window out of its track. Other then that the body is in fantastic condition.

So my question is, do I..

A: cut the roof off of my perfectly running driving NA to put on the R, Swap the rear glass and the door, swap the trans and make the R FWD, jump through all of the hoops to get a rebuilt title and then struggle to fully insure it, or do I

B: Swap the engine from the R into the NA, take everything I want from the R and scrap or part out whatever is left over.

There are no restrictions in my state for engine swaps. There is no emissions testing for cars over 20 years old so as long as the check engine light isnt on they will pass you and even then my E30 has passed inspections for the past 6 years with the check engine light on.

When I bought the R I was going to do plan B but now I am seriously torn. Everyone I've talked to in person sees the R running and goes "you shouldn't ruin that car" but I can't tell if that's because the idea of an engine swap is more intimidating then cutting and welding a roof and swapping a transmission but I do not know what to do. I am a male in my 20's and I would be the only person on my insurance. Any info or even opinions would be greatly appreciated. For reference I do not want to sell both and buy a clean title R. I got the NA for $350 and I got the R for $1,200. I have everything I need in front of me.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone had a happy and safe new year!

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Put eveything from the R into the na. Delete the awd in the process. Then you have a proper 98 R/T5M fwd manual that’s more fun than either was capable of being before.
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