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Re: Two BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW-2 Tires For Sale, 225 ... (sucker 4a volvo)

definitely the best summer tires I've owned. They grip extremely well on both dry and wet pavement. The sidewall is pretty firm too, so handling is better than expected (after having Toyo T1-S with a fairly soft sidewall by comparison).

People have complained about road noise with these tires, but I never noticed any difference in my Volvo. I think those that complained about the excessive road noise either drove cars that don't seal out road noise well in general, or they just happen to be very sensitive to it. The only time you really "hear" the tires is if the front windows are down and you don't have the radio on. My brother also has these tires in 17" and he has no complaints either.
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